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"Fast service, excellent pricing and very helpful. I appreciate the office staff as well as the technicians. They did a great job! We don't and won't every use anyone else for our heating and air!"
- Suzi, May 2014

"We used Dugger Bros. for the first time after having another company for several years... DB gave us a bid for repairs that was half the cost of our normal company. Stephanie Simmons was very helpful in the process. Will absolutley use them again and again. Great company, A+++!!!!"
- Jerry, February 2014

"If I was to key in A/C repair on my fancy phone, wink wink, I would get a long list of companies. Now having said that, the hard part would be choosing one of them. We as consumers have a tough time trusting most companies when it comes to expensive repairs. The number one question on our minds is, are they telling me the truth? I used Dugger Brothers for the first time last year. I called them that afternoon, first thing the next morning I had a technician knocking on my door. He did his inspection, of the unit,turns out I was low on Freon. He explained how low I was by showing me on his gauges.The technician made sure before he left all was running smooth and cooling just fine. Honestly I didn't use it much during the summer months since I'm a wimp when it comes to cold. I started to use it again this year during our first few days of hot weather, turns out it wasn't cooling at all. I called them to explain my situation and they were very kind in sending out a technician right away at no cost, for a leak inspection. I had called another company prior to calling them first. The first company wanted to charge me $1000 just to check for a leak, plus repairs. Dugger Brothers did it for free since they worked on it last. Once we determined where the leak was and what my choices were, I decided to go with a new unit, which I got, at an amazing price installed with a 10 year warranty . I had it installed by the next day. The 3 technicians that were sent in the 2 days that it took to have it all finalized each one was very polite and very professional. I highly recommend them to any future costumer. They stand behind their work."
- Carlos, May 2014


Laura and Camilo Borondy

Laura and Camilo Borondy

Dugger Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning has been family owned and operated since 1972. Our company was originally started by three brother; Tom, Doug, and Phil Dugger. All three brothers are now retired from the HVAC industry. The current owners are Laura Dugger Borondy (Tom Dugger’s daughter) & Camilo Borondy. Both are committed to providing customers with the best experience. Both Laura & Camilo have worked for Dugger Brothers for over 10 years.

We offer only quality air conditioning and heating services and are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers. All of our technicians are highly trained and qualified to service all makes and models. You can expect our technicians to give you an honest opinion because your comfort is our priority. When a technician arrives at your home you can trust that they will be honest, courteous, professional and efficient. Our installers and technicians will arrive at your home on time in clearly marked company vehicles and dressed in company uniform. We encourage our customers to give us feedback on our heating and air conditioning services.

Dugger Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning is a proud dealer of Carrier. Carrier is the world leading HVAC system dealer & our preferred brand for efficiency and comfort.  In addition to our heating and cooling systems, Dugger Brothers Heating & Air proudly carries Aprilaire products. We keep in stock at our office most common sizes of air filters, thermostats and other products.

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